Seaside Snapshots: Allonby Bay, Cumbria

The quietest beach I’ve ever seen stretches five miles up the Solway Firth dividing England from Scotland.

Allonby Bay is a little-known local treasure.

Penrith: Twining and Dining

Pretty Penrith, once the capital of Cumbria, is a pleasant stop for a pint between lakes and fells. Archaic monuments loom happily over irreverent street signage; the locals have a sense of humour!

Liminal Spaces: Airports

Between Ryanair’s twice-daily spamming of my inbox with the nigh-irresistible lure of ‘Jessica, you almost missed our mega sale!’ and the uncountable months it’s been since I last left the city, let alone the country, I’ve become quite nostalgic for the hotbox of despair and drunkenness that is the international airport heritage.

You’re Allowed To Leave

As for Keep Calm and Carry On? The poster was discarded after the test printing and never made it to the streets.

Seaside Snapshots: North Norfolk Coast

Tell someone you’ve been to Norfolk and you will receive a) blank stares, b) Alan Partridge jokes, or c) nasty insinuations about your toes.

The county is foreign ground to everyone without family there. Locals say Norfolk is cut off on three sides by the sea, and on the fourth by British Rail.

The Road Not Taken

From the moment you book your flight you’re making a choice: should I stay or should I go?

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Fire up the private browser, reset your password, dust off your biggest hat.

It’s about time for a summer holiday.

Puzzlewood: Goats and Giants

The first thing I heard in the wood was a party of four adults walking towards me, wondering whether this was, finally, the way out.

4 Beer Bars in: Brussels

Tart, dry, nutty, savoury; lemongrass, hay and herbal: Belgian’s famous sour beers are much more appealing than you might think.

And what better way to celebrate Belgium’s newest UNESCO – protected cultural tradition than capital tastings of same?